5 ways to increase your income on Linkvertise

You want to increase your RPM and therefore your total income on Linkvertise? In this article we are going to show 5 ways to do so. Grab an coffee and read trough our short article. It will be helpful. For sure!

Skip the article and watch how you can increase your RPM

Which factors is the RPM based on?

In general there are five different factors, which have influence on the RPM. 

Top 6 methods to increase your earnings on Linkvertise

Now, as we know the factors we need to consider, we can go further to the specific methods to increase your RPM

Use Linkvertise for your downloads and enable the installer

Your download is put into a Installer. The user has to download this installer. If he is executing it, he will see some offers for downloading additional software. He can accept or decline these. After that he is directly getting the download. Your followers don’t need to go to a second page ever again. You’ll find a Tutorial for the installer right here.

Link content, the user actually desires

Think about it this way: If you’re linking to a download and the source of your link is your own website, the chances are high that your audience is willing to complete a couple of ad-tasks to get their desired content. But, if you only link to your Twitter-Profile the likeliness of completing a ad-task decreases significantly.

Think about your audience

Try to imagine, which advertisement options are right for your community and their level of motivation to get the content behind it. You can just play around with different advertisement options until you found the best RPM. In some cases you shouldn’t activate every settings, because there might be a high drop-off rate. The most effective options are: watching articles, the installer and the Addon.

Tell your community beforehand what they have to do to get to the download

Actually mention the shortened link in your video or on your webpage. This will help your users to build trust and being aware of the ad-tasks they have to accomplish. Your audience will have less fear to actually do the tasks, because they know you trust us and they trust you. Which, in the long run, bring you more revenue.

Make people buy Linkvertise Premium

Premium members have a higher value per click and this will increase your RPM as well. So if your followers subscribe to Linkvertise Premium you’ll definitely profit from it. The RPM for an average premium user is higher than the RPM of a normal user.


One of the most overlooked but most significant ways to increase your RPM is the Linkvertise search-engine. You’ll be automatically listed in our search-engine if you fill out a proper SEO-Description and do not violate our guidelines. 
Through search you’ll get the opportunity for a completely new audience.

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