How to earn with Linkvertise without a community?

Creating revenue is the goal of most of our publishers. In the past it was very difficult to generate revenue on Linkvertise or any other Link-Shorteners, without the access to any large audiences to share your links.

Until now! With the Linkvertise search-engine you’ll be definitely getting more traffic. But Linkvertise found the ultimate solution! We enable everyone to use the attention of our audience on the Linkvertise-Search network. This article will show a simple way to start earning!

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Advantages of using Linkvertise’s search-engine

By now you probably know that we’ve created a search-engine to push your content even further. Even people who do not have your link can find it now.

It makes it also easier to create a community for your content. This search-engine will work as another multiplicator in the rows of the Affiliate Program and a YouTube channel.

The search engine is changing the game and offers a new way to generate income for every content creator. No matter, if you are sharing code, music, scripts, wallpapers, beats or any other downloads. You only have to have the copyright for the content you share.

6 steps to earn without a community or increase your existing earnings

Find the right content

Often people tend to link webpages, which you can easily find on google with the first search. Ensure you’re going to link to content which is not indexed in google or only accessible through a lot of difficult steps.

The best option would be, if you create content yourself and share this content exclusively on Linkvertise. If people search for that kind of content, you will definitely generate income.

Create a Linkvertise Publisher account

Signup easily with an email and password to Linkvertise as a publisher. You can instantly start sharing links and generate income. You do not need to enter full personal information until you wanna make a withdrawal of your money.

Create a Link

At this time you should have already uploaded your content to a file provider of your choice. If you just share a webpage, keep in my mind that it needs to be accessible. You can now start with the Link-Creation process.

Just before the final setting of your link creation, you’ll be asked to fill out the SEO information. This is the key to your success!

SEO Description

We have a detailed article about the SEO-Description here if you are interested. 

For the sake of completion we’ll tell you the steps in a brief way here as well.

Advertising Settings

Set the advertisement options you like to have. We’ve created an overview of all advertisement settings you can take here. Just check it out yourself, to find the ones with the biggest advantages for you.

Share your Link

If you already have a community, for example on MCPEDL or elsewhere, it will be a ranking boost to share your link with the community.

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