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“Our mission is to create a platform which can rival and surpass the biggest names in the search industry. Ultimately carving a path for Linkvertise as the “go-to“ option for a search and monetization provider. “

What's our Business?

Linkvertise combines the modern interest of publishers, advertisers and consumers. Every day, millions of new digital content is created and published on the internet. Obbviously the creators and publishers want to earn money through providing their content. But the disruption through the internet changes the willingness to pay for consumers. Meanwhile consumers expect to access the majority of digital content for free. Linkvertise wants to step in that game and provide a benefit for every participant. The consumer has to accomplish different actions (provided by advertisers) to access the content created by publishers. Additionally Linkvertise  focuses on building a search-network, even helping publishers to automatically aggregate a ton of consumers and provide multiple reliable access options for consumers. A Win-Win Solution for every participant!

1. A Publisher wants to monetize his creations

A Publisher is everyone, who creates digital content and intends to monetize. He/She doesn’t want a consumer to pay for the content. Typical examples are publishers of icon-designs, thumbnails, programming code or wallpapers.

2. Traffic and Monetization through Linkvertise

The Publishers creates a Linkvertise Link to the original content and chooses advertising actions. Through Linkvertise Search, we generate consumer traffic to the newly created link. Consumers accomplish the chosen advertising actions, to access the content.

3. The consumer gains free access

After the consumer completes the advertising actions, he gains free access to the given content. For example a Photoshop Template. The Publisher is paid through the advertiser and the advertiser runs a successful campaign.

What other people say about us

The team

This is Kyle. He’s the main point of contact when Publishers plan to join Linkvertise! He’s giving instructions and optimization thoughts to Publishers and responsible for the growth of Linkvertise. 


Business Development Manager

Kyle Lo

This is Marc, he oversees the general operations and is responsible for the direction of the business.
Marc defined the vision, creating the biggest search-engine for digital content, where publishers provide free content and get paid through advertisement.

Founder and CEO

Marc Aurel Winter

This is Moritz. He’s responsible for the daily customer support and the Linkvertise Social-Media content as well as our marketing campaigns. He aims to reach a worldwide recognition of the Linkvertise Brand. 

Customer-Relations and Marketing

Moritz Schelkle

Working at Linkvertise

Being employed at Linkvertise is special!

We want and expect our colleagues to think for themselves, so we’re not big on micromanaging. We hope to provide you lots of leadership and very little management. We are careful to hire amazing people. Our goal is to unleash you to perform at your peak and stay out of your way. We don’t have lots of rules and policies here by design. We trust you to carve your own path, set your own priorities, and ask for help when you need it.

That’s why we seek for hungry people, minded towards sucesss and big goals! It’s important to us, that our employees enjoy working at Linkvertise and that they are willing to grow on their tasks as well as aiming to reach their maximum effectivity. 

Interested in A Job at Linkvertise?

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For business-enquiries, please contact: [email protected]