How to get clicks on your Linkvertise-Links?

Getting clicks on your links can be quite frustrating when you’re just starting out. You’re new on Linkvertise and you ask yourself how you can start earning money with link shortening? Or maybe, you just don’t know where to share your links. If this is the case, you’re exactly right here. Because in this article we’re going to explain how you get people to click on your links.

Become the central point of interest

As our platforms grows, more and more users are asking how to actually start earning money and where to share their first links. This article should help you to understand the principle better and prepare you for your journey on Linkvertise.

Many users believe that just sharing their links in the YouTube comment-section on other users videos or within Facebook groups will generate them lots of income but this is false for most cases. In some cases this could even lead to a block and is acting contra productive.

The solution for this question – how to get clicks on your link – is actually pretty simple. You have to become the central point of interest. This means, you’ll have to create an incentive for your audience to fulfill the ad-tasks. To amplify this effect you should use SEO. This will help you to be listed in search results and makes it not only easier for your viewers to find you, but also for a for you completely new audience. You can use SEO either for our own search-engine as above mentioned or on YouTube. YouTube is one of the best ways to promote your content as well as becoming the central point of interest. Creating a YouTube-Channel around your content can make a big difference in increasing your RPM.

Create content, people actually desire and would search for

You should start to think about good pieces of content you could provide to a community. Think about your own interests and if there is something which might be interesting for a lot of people like you. Usually download-content works really well. Here are two examples:

Imagine, that you are interested in the Game “GTA 5”. Lots of people love to use cheats or mods. That’s why a lot of people on YouTube provide downloads for these kind of things. If you link these downloads through Linkvertise, you will definitely earn lots of revenue.

Another example are programmers, who share their code for free, but who use Linkvertise to make people access their GitHub for example. They let people access their content for free, but are still earning revenue through our advertising. 

Now its time for you to think about a content-area for yourself. The best thing would be to try to find a very small niche to get started. In this niche it is a lot easier to do optimization and reach the top page on YouTube. Always make sure to respect our guidelines

When you found a good content-area to get started, you can start to create a new  video for your content. 

Optimize your video

You might ask yourself, how to generate views on YouTube with a new, small YouTube-Channel. But that is very easy. You do it through SEO. That’s the reason why we advised you to start with niche content. There is less competition and it is more likely to actually rank for the keyword you were looking for. In general there are six main reasons a YouTube video appears within the top search results. 


Try to confirm your guess, what search-term people put into the YouTube search, if they want to find your content. You should just try to put it inside your search-bar and just test it out. Now it’s time to build your own title. You should start with your keyword. Also a good trick is to use capital letters, emojis and special characters. Most important is, that you mention your main keyword on the very start of your title.


Lots of people do not take the description serious. But that’s your chance. The YouTube algorithm gets a lot of useful information about your video through the description. The description should be an invitation to watch your whole video. Try to type around 250 characters at minimum. Also ensure your keywords is at the start of the description as well. In addition you should write useful sentences. Keep in mind that Keyword-stuffing is not working any more. You should also try to highlight your Linkvertise-link.


The same requirements apply to the thumbnail as to the other areas. Be creative and stand out. Be different from your competitors. Also, think of a consistent design for your YouTube channel and your other videos. This way you create a certain recognition value.


Tags are another highly underrated factor for the YouTube optimization. But, they give very specific data to the algorithm and are one of the main reasons, why videos rank on YouTube. The most important thing is, to put only relevant keywords to your videos and channel. Try to use around 10-12 keywords. First put the main keyword, afterwards 2-3 generic terms and after that another 3-5 very specific keywords.


Of course, you want your viewers to watch the entire video. Unfortunately, the reality is a little different. That’s why we recommend you build a suspense curve in every video. Create incentives to watch your video. Tell and show only what is necessary and do not try to drag out the video.


Always try to be proactive and create interaction with your viewers in addition to the incentives you have created for them. Comments, shares, replies and favorites are an important part of promoting a successful video and therefore a successful link.

Example on how to generate clicks

If you really consider these tips, you will have high chances to rank your video within the top 10 results for your keyword. After you reached the top 10, you will get a lot of views. Now its most important to make your audience watch your video for quite a long time and get a lot of interactions. A good video length is around 8-12 minutes. Also you should explain in an interesting way and also ask people to leave comments and feedback.

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