The Linkvertise Advertisement Settings

Today we will write about the different advertisement options on Linkvertise. Compared to other link-shorteners,  our link-creators can choose which settings they want to activate. It seems, that some of our creators do not understand all the options in detail. This article will help you. Also you will get to know, which options  will be most profitable for you. 

New Ad-Setting: We launched a new Feature. “Downloading an App”. But to ensure good user-experience, we removed Video. 

1. The Browser Addon

The user needs to install the browser extension “lookbox”. It is 100% virus-free and only changes the default search engine. But not in a spammy way. It provides simple buttons to reach some websites without typing. When you search something, you will use normal yahoo search. Actually a lot of users decide to have lookbox activated even though, they do not need to. 

  • user-friendly search engine
  • high income

2. Activate Browser-Alerts

The user needs to activate browser notifications. It will be different push messages. They usually appear two times a day. 


  • completed quickly
  • easy to deactivate afterwards

3. Find interesting articles

The user will see an overview of several different web-articles. He do not need to click on any article. After watching them for 12 seconds, he can close the window.

  • Only watching, no clicking is necessary
  • high income, completed quickly

4. Install an App from the AppStore

The user has to download one of the apps, shown in the detail screen of this ad-setting. He will be redirected to the AppStore and he needs to download the application. After that he needs to execute the app for 30 seconds.

Also please consider, that one user sees this option only one app one time a day. If there is no app, he didn’t download today, he won’t see this ad-task. Its important to ensure quite good user-experience, if someone clicks a link multiple times. 

  • effective for mobile
  • secure, because all apps were approved by the AppStores

5. Wait 5 seconds

After the user completed your activated offers of the offers above, he can continue and might see the next button deactivated with a 5 seconds counter. After the 5 seconds are over, he can continue.

  • completed quickly
  • no action necessary

6. The Linkvertise Installer

The Linkvertise installer is another advertisement option for download-links on Linkvertise, helping you to earn more money. We are downloading the file (provided by you) in the background and put it into our installer. The customer will download the installer and execute it. 

He will get one or more offers for additional software, which can be accepted or declined. After that, he can download the file and simply open it.

  • high income
  • the download is scanned for viruses. So it is 100% virus free.


The three most effective advertisement options to monetize your content are: The Installer, the browser extension “Lookbox” and watching interesting articles.

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