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Do you want to know, how to withdraw money efficiently from Linkvertise? How long it takes and which tricks you can use to save a little bit of your transaction fees? All of this we are going to cover in this short article. 

You consider yourself more of a visual learner?

How to get your payment through Linkvertise in 3 easy steps?

Actually, it is very simple, but still we have a bit to tell you and will answer the most frequently asked questions in this article. It might be helpful. 

Navigate to payout tab

You are going to navigate to the payouts tab on the left of your display. After that, just scroll down a little bit until you are requested to put in your payment details. Fill the first part and click to continue. Be sure to put in correct data!

Fill in payment details

Now you can choose the payout method. You will see every method available in your country. On the top left you can see the fees for each payout method. You have to pay the currency-change fee of 3% (FX fee) when you do not withdraw in USD! If you choose USD for a bank account not using USD, your bank, Paypal or other payment method will apply a fee, which is usually a lot less
than 3%

Get your payout

From now on you can make withdrawals twice a month. Just enter the withdrawal amount in the amount field and submit your withdrawal request.

When can I withdraw?

Payouts can be made twice a month. You need to have a balance of 10 $ or more in your account, that is the minimum amount to request. Actually, we would suggest just doing bigger payouts.

You can also schedule your payouts in advance or choose the automatic payout option. This way, your income will always arrive in your account regularly on the same day.

What’s the payout rates and how long does it take until I have my money?

We also need some time to check your payouts and to send them on their way. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer real-time wire transfers at this time. For internal quality assurance and security, the payouts are checked individually and released after the days to be seen on top.

Our payouts are 100% reliable and your personal data is secured according to GDPR standards.

The processing time applies to working days (excluding weekends and holidays). Please keep this in mind for your next withdrawal.

Also, be aware that there will be an FX fee of 3% applied if you’re not withdrawing in USD. We recommend you withdraw in USD even if your local currency is different. Your bank will also charge you an exchange fee, but it is usually less than 3%.

Common Issues

Wrong payee info provided

Here you need to make sure that you enter your correct first and last name and that it matches your Linkvertise account – please do not enter Gamertags in the line. 

If you enter incorrect or very special data, it has to be verified by our payment provider. Your open payouts won’t arrive until the ID was verified.

PayPal withdrawal has not been payed out (No bank account / PayPal limit reached)

If you have not linked a bank account or if you’ve reached the deposit limit of $ 2,500, there may be a problem with PayPal withdrawals. Then you will also have to verify your identity with PayPal.

PayPal withdrawal has not been payed out (external error)

This can also be the problem if your withdrawal has been marked as successful and the processing time has exceeded. In this case, please refrain from contacting us and contact PayPal directly with the number on your invoice and ask why the transfer did not arrive – most of the time it has to do with the cases just described.

PayPal is not available

How long will each payment method take to be processed one might ask. To answer this question we’ll recommend to read this page, by our payment provider Tipalti. You`ll also find an precise outline on which withdrawal method is good for you and the country you live in.

Withdrawal has been marked successful but hasn't arrived in my bank account

This can have several reasons. The most common are:

  • Check: Since a paper check has been send out to your address, please make sure, that you’ve entered the right address info (please consider, that the arrival of the paper-check might take up to 30 days after it was processed from our team)
  • Wire Transfer: Usually it should be there within 1-3 days. Sometimes wire payments are stuck at a certain point a little bit longer, so we recommend you to wait for at least around 1 week, after the payment is marked as “successful”. If it hasn’t arrived, we will discuss further steps and try to investigate the current payment situation.
    Just contact our support chat.
  • Bank Transfer: Please download the payment receipt and look up the “Credit-Number” on the very top in the orange field. Contact your bank and ask about that exact payment number and if they know something. When they require further documents or verification, let us know. We will do everything, that you receive your money.
Withdrawal has been cancelled

If we ever cancel one of your withdrawals, you will be notified of the reason. Usually you can see the reason below your initial payment request. Sometimes you’ll get a notification by our payout provider Tipalti.

What are the advantages?

3 Tipps for an easy payment experience!

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