Request a payout on Linkvertise

You want to know, how to withdraw money with our new payment provider from Linkvertise? How long does it take and which tricks you can use to save a little bit of your transaction fees? All of this we gonna answer in this short article. 

How does the new payout system works?

Actually it is very simple, but still we have a bit to tell you and answer in this article. It might be be helpful. 

1. Navigate to payout tab

You gonna go to the payout tab on the left of your display. After that just scroll down a little bit until you are requested to put in your payment details. Fill the first part and click to continue. Be sure to put in correct data!


2. Put payment details

Now you can choose the payout method. You gonna see every method available in your country. On the top left you can see the fees for each payout method. You have to pay the currency-change fee of 3% (FX fee) when you do not withdraw in USD! If you choose USD for a bank account not using USD, your bank or Paypal or whatever will make a fee, which is usually lot smaller than 3%. 


3. Request payout

Click to continue and now you are ready with setting the payment details. Now you can just request a payment and the details will be used automatically.

Attention: For paypal please make sure, you use the first and family name same as in your paypal account. Else it might happen, you are getting an error, that your paypal can’t be verified. Another reason can be, that your payout limit for paypal is reached. For that you need to contact them and upload a ID card.

By the way: When you change your payout it will update your method for all pending payouts.

When I can do a payout?

Payouts are possible 2 times a month. You need to have 10$ balance in your account, that is the minimum request. Actually we would suggest just doing bigger payouts. 

How long does it take until I have my money?

This is necessary, because in former times we had a lot of fake traffic people who payed out a lot of money very fast. To prevent that issue, we implemented a checking system tracking over 15 days or 30 days to be sure, the money is made in a legit way. After that you gonna get your payment. Also we are still faster than most of our competitors for big payouts. 

What are the advantages?

  • faster and more time-stable payouts
  • one time set in place, you gonna have your payment details set and you do not have to put them again, unless you wanna change
  • High safety through external partners with automated payment system

How to save money when doing a payout?

  • Make only higher payouts, if you can afford to wait a bit longer
  • Payout in USD always. You gonna save the FX fee of 3%. Now your bank will do the currency change and it will have a lot smaller fee. Usually around 1%.
  • Pro: Look at the actual exchange rate from your countries currency to USD and payout at a good one.
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