Shortening Linkvertise-Links with Linkvertise – allowed?

Loops, Loops and more Loops – Shortening Linkvertise-Links with Linkvertise. This sounds good and has the cash till ringing. But is this allowed? A brief excursion to our guidelines. 

What is allowed and what is not allowed?


Using another URL shorteners under is allowed under certain circumstances. Assuming you want to monetize your content with and Linkvertise, you have to use first. Linkvertise has to be the last monetizing website before your target URL.

Not allowed

It is not allowed to short Linkvertise links with Linkvertise or to “redirect loop” with Linkvertise links. This violates our guidelines and can lead to a permanent ban!

This article should have shown you that violating our guidelines is not worth it. If detected shortening Linkvertise-Links with Linkvertise can lead to a permanent ban so don’t even try it.

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