What does the RPM actually mean?

Revenue per Mile – short RPM, describes your accumulated income per 1000 impressions. In this article we’ll explain you how we calculate and how to understand it.

Get the video explanation here

How is the RPM defined?

The RPM is the most important metric to measure the value and performance of your links. As you already know the Revenue per Mile reflects the estimated value of your link per 1000 impressions. You can find this figure next to your link, as well as in the graph in your dashboard.

Your RPM is always calculated for the selected time period. This way you can always keep an eye on the current progress of your stats.

To understand when an impression is counted we made this article.

How can you increase your income?

One of the most asked questions in our Support-Chat is certainly that. The great thing is that you – yourself – can do some things to improve your RPM.

Consider these as the most important tips:

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