When will clicks be counted?

Disclaimer: If you try to get information about our click system to act against our traffic policies, please keep in mind, that this is not allowed and we are able to detect it. 

This article is about the clicks metric on our platform. It seems like you want to know some further details about our click-system and especially, how we count your clicks.

Maybe you wonder, why the amount of clicks to the target URL is different from the clicks shown in your Linkvertise dashboard. Here you will find an explanation. 

What is a click on Linkvertise?

Additionally you need to have generated a valid Impression, before a click can be counted.

How to observe your click statistics?

Clicks from all your links combined appear at the very top of your dashboard. Here you can see your overall generated clicks though the last 30 days and also the comparison to the last 30 days. 

The graph underneath gives you a slightly higher inside in the daily statictics and clicks. Here you can start comparing each days performance. 

Further down in your dashboard, you can find each link, you created during the selected time period (max. 12 Months). If you click on the little statistic icon on the very right of your links, you will get link-specific insights of your clicks during the last 30 days and also the split of traffic origins by countries. 

Top 5 countries

Unlike many providers in the Link Shortener Business, we rely on absolute transparency in dealing with the statistics. This includes the clicks.

By the way: A lot of competitors count their RPM based on the clicks, which means, that a user needs to complete all advertising, before the RPM counts. You can bring 2k People and only 1k completes your advertising for example.

Linkvertise is different! We calculate our RPM based on the Impressions. When you bring 1k people to Linkvertise, you exactly know, what income you can expect.

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