Why are there no fixed “Payout Rates”?

In this article, you will get to know the deep differences from Linkvertise compared to other link-shorteners. Some users are a little bit irritated, when we tell them, that the RPM can be different every day. But that is a very usual behaviour, if you try to maximize the daily income for Publishers. Based on various of factors, the RPM differs. This article will consider these factors in-depth. Have fun reading!

Linkvertise pays performance based!

What does performance-based actually mean? It’s quite easy. We consider the user-experience and the user-interaction with the advertisement. So better users interact, so more we can pay. That means: Our RPM heavily depends on the user. But why do we do that?

But how to start increasing your RPM with that knowledge?

You must ask yourself the question above. And luckily we have some quicktipps, you can easily apply and earn more.

  1. Just activating all advertising settings doen’t help, if people aren’t willing to do the necessary steps, they will opt out your link and search another easier way, means low rpm even though you have high traffic. You need to find the right balance for your content.
  2. Don’t bias your people with showing how do decline all the ads and that you should remove them right afterwards, just general explanation of the Linkvertise workflow without giving “hints”.
  3. Try to attract people from high-tier countries like USA, Australia, Europe via optimizing your SEO-Description for Linkvertise Search. It is best to use the english language for titles and descriptions. So higher the percentage of high-tier visitors, so better is your rpm. 

Linkvertise Search now reaches over 200.000 daily visitors and it’s growing fast. So start right NOW, putting SEO-Descriptions and profit as one of the first Publishers through LV Search!

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