Why are there no fixed “Payout Rates”?

In this article, we’ll get into the topic of our Payout Rates and why they are not fixed. The short answer would be that this is the reason why you can make much more with Linkvertise then with other link shorteners.

Performance based Payout Rates explained


Did you know we have a ton of explanatory videos on our YouTube-Channel and we’re posting regularly. 

What is a performance based revenue model and how can you benefit from it?

What does performance-based actually mean? It’s quite easy. We consider the user-experience and the user-interaction with the advertisement. This means the better your traffic is, the higher we can pay you. Our RPM heavily depends on your audience and how good the delivered content is presented. But why do we do that?

When we get better deals, you directly earn more!

Performance orientation means, that you directly profit from it, if we are able to get better deals with our ad-partners. Competitors tend to put additional money into their own pockets and provide their Publishers with a fixed, low RPM.

Acquiring high quality ad-partners

Advertisers want to reach a high user-interaction with their ads as well. Because of that, they probably sell and earn more. As we especially focus on improving the interaction, advertisers are generally more interested in working with Linkvertise, than any other Link-Shortener. In the long run, we will get better deals and improve earnings. And you guys directly earn more due to that as well!

But how to start increasing your RPM with that knowledge?

First of all you have to consider the following things, before you can increase your RPM

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