How to create a Linkvertise link?

How to create a Linkvertise link?

There are several steps to create a Linkvertise link. In the following article you will learn how to create a Linkvertise link and what things to look for.

We start directly with:

Step 1: Click on “Create link” button

In general, new links can be created using 2 buttons. You can click on the green button in the Linkvertise Dashboard below the link table. Alternatively, you will find a permanent button at the top of the header that opens the Link Creation window.


Step 2: “Your Target-URL”

After clicking on the “Create Link” button, a window opens with the first input option. In the field “Your Target-URL” you must enter the link you want to shorten. If you’d like to redirect Linkvertise Link to, enter

It is important that the correct URL format is taken. That means you have to write http:// or https:// (depending on which variant the website uses). The following variants would not be correct:


Step 3: “Configure your Link”

In the next step you will be asked to design the link button. This is the button on the middle page, which users must click to get to the target website.

On the one hand, you must specify a prefix (selectable: Continue / Go) and on the other hand, the name, which should be on the button (for example: Website / Download / Mod Menu / Wallpaper / etc.).

The closer the button to the content is described, the better the users will find their way around on the middle page and thus ensure higher revenues.

In our example, we enter “YouTube” because our link redirects to YouTube. Please note that you comply with our content policies for links and do not use words that are not in line with our policies (e.g., hack / crack / etc).

Step 4: “Redirect URL”

The next step is to choose a domain for the new link and create the link end. Here you can choose between the following domains:

– (standard)
– (suitable for downloads and files)
– (suitable for downloads and files)

The link ending you can choose freely. You can choose suitable words for the content. In our example, that would be “YouTube”.

You can use this option to individualize your links, thus increasing user confidence.

It is important that you only use numbers and letters. The field “Link ending” is only a possibility of individualization, which has no further function.


Step 5: “Ad-Settings”

In the last step, the advertising settings must be made. Here you have the freedom to choose which advertising you want to allow. In the ad-settings article you can find more details.

Parallel to the advertising settings you can see a “Your Revenue” bar, which adapts to the settings made. The more advertising you allow, the higher the revenue. If you want to know more about the individual advertising possibilities, there are already detailed articles in our support area – Here Learn more.

Step 6: Done

Once the link has been created, it will be in the link table in the dashboard and can be changed later.

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