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Changing your settings

You’ve created your account and are unsure how to change any of your settings? No matter if it’s your display name, a password change, switching email addresses, currency changes or the change of your payment method. After reading this article, you’ll know how to do all of these things yourself.

Changing settings via YouTube

Change your Display Name

First things first, for every change we’re going through today, you’ll be needing to be logged in to your dashboard. So, make sure you’ve got your login email address and password ready.

Change your display name

First of all be aware that your display name is not your Linkvertise account name. The display name is the name displayed next to your content.

You’ll just click in to the settings bar in the menu, and the upper left dash named “Display name for Links” shows your current name. Click in it and fill in your new display name. Confirm it with clicking save.

Change your password

To change your password you’ll have to actually log out of the dashboard.
Then click login and “Forgot password” fill in your registration email address. You’ll receive an email. Then, just follow the steps, and you’ll have a new password shortly.

Change your email address

Changing your email address is actually a passive process you’ll not actually do yourself. In the dashboard, you’ll just navigate to the support tab and write as a message including your new email address. We’ll gladly switch it for you.
Usually this process takes less than 24 hours.

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