What influences your RPM?

You have checked out what the RPM is here and you are asking yourself what factors influence your RPM now? It is actually quite easy. We’re going to define the five most important factors influencing your RPM in the following article.

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Understanding the RPM influences

To understand how we calculate your RPM and what factors influence it, you’ll have to know where the money comes from, what the performance based revenue model is and which metrics we use to estimate your RPM.

The money origin

The origin of the of the money are advertisers. Their job is to generate traffic for the advertisements of their clients. Said advertisements are the ad-tasks your audience has to fulfill (Articles, Add-Ons, Downloads, e.g.).

The unique thing with Linkvertise is that you decide which ad-task your audience has to do. This is a feature no other Link-Shortener offers.

We also only show quality advertisements and no NSFW or inappropriate content. These kind of ads are ratet higher in income which has a positive influence on your revenue.


As mentioned before the Performance-Based-Revenue-Model is not just unique but, also has various advantages. Because of this model we can offer higher payout rates then our competitors who have a fixed payout rate. 

This model contains of five very important metrics:

The calculation

To illustrate this, we have created a pyramid. This shows the optimal allocation of revenue sources, which are necessary to achieve a high RPM.

The optimal allocation for a high RPM is a strong foundation. This foundation consists of a traffic origin from Top-Tier-Countries (mostly US and EU traffic).

Followed up by a good balance of ad-task and a high completion rate (Ad-Mix & Ad-Traffic).

Continued with traffic from the Search-engine you are already paired pretty good. Just with these four factors it is likely to earn more then $ 40 per 1000 impressions.

Last but not least is traffic from Premium-User. Like we already explained, the click of a Premium-User is more valuable then the click of a Free-User.

What else influences your RPM?

Since you now know what the RPM is, how it derives from competitors calculations and what influences the RPM. You’re probably now interested in finding out which strategies you can follow to target a high RPM. Therefore we created an article with six methods to achieve a Top-Tier-RPM here

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