How to use FAQ feature

FAQs add value to your content in a way where you can reach far more people looking for content. You are getting more clicks in the search-engine, and you add value to your content by providing an additional piece of information for your audience. You’ll have more people being interested in your content, which leads to better conversions, happier audience and in the end towards more revenue. 

Use FAQs

Adding FAQs to your content

Now we’ll show you the process and how questions and answers can look like, step by step, by using examples:

The right Question

First you will need to seek for a question which is fitting to your content, adds value to the content and is worth being answered. Write at least 25 characters in the question tab.

How questions can look like:

This is a question regarding Minecraft Add-Ons. As you can see, questions can be as simple as how to install your Mod. 

The right Answer

A proper answer to the question of how to install something could look like this:

Think about W-Questions

Especially the last question is inevitable and shouldn’t be forgotten since it’s the most important thing to remember when creating FAQs.
Now, the only thing you have to keep in mind is the minimum of 25 or rather 120 characters per tab.

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