Payout decline reasons

You already know how to pay out your revenue. In this article, we’re going to show you the most common mistakes made which therefore led to a payout decline. This article is not about how to prevent mistakes, but what causes them. Let’s head right into it!

Select a payment method

In a lot of cases, you haven’t even selected a payment method. So make sure, before you try to withdraw, that you go into the payment section of your dashboard and that you fill out all the info required. From address and name to payment method.

Make sure to put your real info.

Blocked payee

Theoretically, it is not forbidden to have several Linkvertise accounts. But if one of your accounts has been banned for fraud or any other reasons, our system will detect your information, and we’ll automatically ban all the related accounts.

Even if your Linkvertise account hasn’t been banned yet, your payee account will most definitely be banned by then, and that’s the reason you can not and will not be able to withdraw.

Payee account under review

Being under review isn’t as bad as the two previous mistakes, since in most OFAC cases your account will be reviewed and then cleared again.

You might ask what an OFAC case is. It just means that either your ID, your info or some other detail about your payee account is under review. If you’ve provided all the requested info in time, then your account will be cleared pretty fast.

Currency exchange

Most of you probably know that we usually pay out in US Dollar and that we always recommend to not change it up. This has several reasons, but one of those is that a withdrawal can be rejected. Mostly happening with Indian and Nepalese rupees.

Why is that? — The reason for that is the minimum payment amount of $10 and the transaction fee. Let me explain it to you with an example:

$10 are around 1.187 Nepalese rupees. If you deduct a $2 transaction fee + an exchange fee of $3, then the cost is half the amount you want to pay out. And this is the reason payments can get declined.

PayPal issues

Some of you may encounter issues during the transaction with PayPal even though you’ve already withdrawn with your PayPal account.
There could be two reasons for that:

• One, you have not added a bank, checking account or credit card added to your PayPal — this is a requirement PayPal wants if you want to receive money.

• The second reason could be that your PayPal is under limitation. In some countries, PayPal has a limit of $2.500 received. If you hit that amount, you have to verify yourself with PayPal.

Check arrival

Some of you still use the old-fashioned way of withdrawing money by check. From time to time checks do not arrive because you haven’t provided your full address, the check then gets lost or can’t be delivered.

𝒾   Anyway, just don’t use check it literally takes ages to arrive, and we can not verify if your
      bank even still takes them.

Personal payment requests

Over the last time, we had some personal payment requests over PayPal and Payoneer. We cannot accept this since we have to have every single payment in our system. Plus, if we’d accept or sent payments like this, payments would take even longer, and we do not want that.

Please keep those things in mind next time.
There will be no declines in
your withdrawals.

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