Reasons your SEO Description has been declined

We explained the importance of SEO quite frequently. But there’s still a lot of you struggling with this topic. Therefore, we’ll give you reasons why your SEO Description was declined in this article.

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The end of your Description

Most of you already have a good sense in regard of their description, but you fail in the last moves.

For example, check out this description:

Starting out strong with a good title, great URL, but also a very good start in the description.

But, in our example, the publisher has begun to spam his keyword at the end of the description and this was the crucial mistake. You can not by no means add spamy input.

You’ll only have to write a minimum of X words, so please just rethink your description and complete it before you take yourself revenue by not finishing the description.

Keyword Spam

Next up we have a very similar issue but without the good description:

Keyword Spam – unwanted and forbidden.
Our Search-engine does not work with the amount of times you added a certain amount of keywords. Furthermore, it feeds itself with proper descriptions and definitions of your content.

It’s not a lot of work to write X corresponding words! 🚀

Digits and Numbers

The next mistake also seems similar to the one before, but is differently:

Digits and numbers can be helpful to separate and identify your content.

The same rule applies here as before: Find the right balance and do not overdo it with their quantity

❕ We’d like to add that we are certainly aware that you’re putting a lot of digits in your URL to cover up copyright infringing content, but this makes the search for us even easier.

Direct targets

Here at Linkvertise we press for user-friendliness — on both sides.
This means we want a great experience for Publishers as well as for their audience.
We achieve this through high quality advertisements and the freedom of choice on the publishers side, and therefore need help on the side of your audience. We’ve created guidelines, so the experience is as pleasant as possible for your audience.

To achieve a pleasant view, we made it mandatory that Linkvertise is the last page your audience has to visit before reaching their target content.

Therefore, please refrain from linking to other intermediate sites and other link shorteners after Linkvertise. This way we keep the level on our platform high and your viewers are satisfied with your links. 🧡

Just remember

In the end, it’s quite simple to approved by our content moderation team.
Just remember:

– Finish your description properly
– No Keyword Spam
– Fewer Digits and Numbers
– Link to Direct Targets

If you consider these things, there’s nothing in the way of being listed in our Search Network.

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