Relevant content for your account

If you haven’t started looking at your target audience, you should start now.
We explain to you which content is effective and what is generally important to succeed in sharing your links with Linkvertise.

Relevant content

Relevant content is content that is tailored to the needs of your target group.
The content can inform, entertain, inspire or emotionally touch your target group – the main thing is that it matches their interests and preferences!

That’s when your links will be clicked. Content that fits your target group ensures a higher revenue and a wider reach.

Content that doesn’t interest anyone won’t do you any good.


Transparency favors impact-oriented and high-quality work that can only benefit you.

The web is full of information and content, so unfortunately you cannot afford not to think about your content. If you want to be successful, you need relevant content and a relevant strategy in a niche that still keeps possibilities.


You’re probably bubbling over with ideas and creativity, but you don’t know how to proceed?
Think about what people are interested in and adapt your content to your target audience. 

You must become the central point of interest.
That is, you need to create an incentive for your audience to perform the promotional tasks. To strengthen this effect, you should use SEO. This will help you get listed in the search results and make it easier not only for your audience to find you, but also for a completely new audience for you.

YouTube is one of the best ways to promote your content and become the focal point of interest. Creating a YouTube channel around your content can make a big difference in increasing your RPM.


You should start thinking about good content that you can provide to your community.

Think about your own interests and if there is something that could be interesting for many people like you. Usually downloadable content works very well.


If you link downloads through Linkvertise, you will definitely earn lots of revenue.
Popular themes are game extensions, mods, or cheats for Minecraft, Roblox, GTA or similar.
Also Photoshop templates for flyers, business cards, brochures, etc. are also needed and used a lot by designers.

Of course, there are many other areas. The important thing is to stay true to yourself and find a suitable niche in which you can pack your interests and those of your target group, in which there is sufficient demand.


Besides creating your Content and Links on Linkvertise, it is of course also essential to interact with people. This is the only way to find out if your content is well received and to learn about other interests of your audience.

So you can get creative again and create exclusive content that’s in demand.
Comment, share, and reply – it’s a significant part of a successful Link and of earning revenue!

If you follow these tips, you will have high chances that your content will be well received.
Now, the most important thing is to make your audience stay.

Have fun monetizing your Links
and Good Luck!

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