What requirements must be met for a payout?

Earning money with Linkvertise is simple. As well as withdrawing money but still their are some requirements that must be met, before it is possible to withdraw. Continue reading for a better understanding of our payout process or check out this article.

What requirements must be met for a payout?

If you want to apply for a payout with Linkvertise, the following criteria must be met first:

Very important: You really need to provide real and correct personal data for a payout. We will do identity checks. If you put in wrong data, we might have a conflict and you can’t edit or change the settings as long as you did not provide your ID according to the provided data. It will end in marking you as “unpayable”. To solve that issue, you need to create a new Linkvertise account, transfer all of your links to that account and contact us to put your money to the other account. Also you will be charged a fee for every failed payout. 

If a payout has been made, you will see the status “pending” in the table. Depending on which payment method is chosen, it can take a long time for the money to be available.

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