How long does a payout take?

To earn money nowadays you don’t always have to leave the safety of your home. Working and earning at home has become quite popular in the last several months. Linkvertise made earning money online possible for everyone, even if you’re under the legal age of adulthood in your country (as long as your parents did allow you to do so).

Money transfer in seconds?

If you request a payout, it will be submitted to our payout team. Our team will check and approve the payments. Please be aware that we’ll need some time to check the transaction before we’ll confirm it with our payment provider.

The following times need to be considered

Also you see a timer in your payout dashboard. It shows the time until we will approve the payment. Sometimes the timer can run off and your payment status shows “pending“. But usually there is nothing wrong with your payment. We just need a little more time to process it. It can have various reasons. For example, if a lot payments run of on specific dates.

The different states are


Your payment wasn’t reviewed by the Linkvertise Team yet. It will happen soon.

On the way

Your payment was processed now and we just send it out. Now it will be there within the next hours or days. That depends on your payment method. Usually it will be in your bank account within 1 to 24 hours.


Your payment was paid successful. The payment should be in your bank account. Sometimes there might be a delay of around 24h between our dashboard and the actual visibility of the money in your Paypal Account, bank account … If it’s still not there, please contact our Support.


Your payment was cancelled and could not be transferred successfully. It can have multiple reasons. For example you missed to provide the documents for an identity check.

Should there be problem cases, we will contact you via the Support-Chat. There you will receive instructions about how to proceed. If a payment fails, the withdrawal request will be canceled and you will receive the balance back. You then have the option to choose a different payment method or to fix the errors in your PayPal account and try again.

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