How to share links nearly everywhere?

Some people have build a community on Facebook or Instagram for example. But sometimes they can’t share their Linkvertise-links there. In this article, we will show some common ways to make sharing possible.

You know the drill – watch the video first!

Short your Linkvertise-Link on is free to use. Even without registration. But you can sign-up easily and short multiple links. Also you will be able to see stats for your links which can be quite interesting. Especially, where your traffic comes from. You can create 1000 Links for free. 

Make a link-collection with is especially for people with their community on Instagram. As you know, you can share just one link in your Instagram Bio. enables you to share one link and when you click, it opens a whole button list with unlimited links. This tool is free to use and also quite userfriendly for your community. 

Use or

Pastebin or Rentry are simple Texteditor pages, which can be shared though a weblink easily. You can just paste your Link into the textform and click on publishing this form. Now you can share the generated url. Also both tools are free to use.

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