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Both under our YouTube Videos and on Twitter, we receive numerous questions every week. Sometimes they are the same questions. Therefore, we want to collect them in this article and help you with it.

PayPal: What could have been the problem with the withdrawal?

It’s important that you enter your correct first and last names that it matches to your Linkvertise account! So, the PayPal name has to be given as it is in your Linkvertise account. All the middle names and surnames have to be the same in both account. Otherwise, the payment cannot be made.

Where is my money?

Payments have a processing time from 3-30 days + the actual transaction time of your chosen payment method. Your money will come in 3 days if the payout is less than $100.
Saturday and Sunday are not included in these days. This is usually the reason.

Is there any fee for the payout?

Yes, you can see this for each payout method in your dashboard on the left under “Payouts”.

Note that there is a 3% foreign currency fee if you do not withdraw in USD.

We recommend that you withdraw in USD, even if your local currency is different.
Your bank will also charge you an exchange fee, but it is usually less than 3%.
As another tip, check the current exchange rate from your local currency to USD and pay out at a good rate.

How I add information to my bank account?

In your dashboard under the section “Payouts” on the left side you have to scroll down. Then you can enter your information there.
If you enter Algeria as your country, for example, all possibilities will be suggested to you in the second window.

Why is the payout rate much lower than it was months ago?

This can happen and is normal. Our payout rate is performance based.

Competitors suddenly earn more, but leave the RPM unchanged.
This is not the case with us.
If we earn more, then this is also directly reflected in your income.

Our tip to you:
Try to reach people from “highly developed” countries like the USA, Australia, or Europe — those are higher paid. After all, advertisers have larger markets there as well.
An ideal way is to create an appealing and preferably international (English) SEO description for your links. Then your links are findable via our search engine, and you get additional clicks.

What does it mean if my account got the “trusted user” state?

A “trusted user” is an individual who generates a steady daily income with our platform. When opening a link by a trusted user, the user won’t have to do the reCaptcha.

Do I have to register a business?

This depends on several factors regarding income, country, laws and other circumstances. We are not allowed to give legal advice on this. So please consult a professional.
The same applies to tax issues. We cannot provide any information on this.
Please consult a tax advisor.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my account?

For issues which concerning your account, you can save time and write directly to our support team, who will be happy to help you solve the problem ASAP:
[email protected]

However, we also have individual YouTube videos or blog articles on many specific topics. You can easily search for topics using the search bar.

Of course, you are still welcome to leave comments on Twitter under our posts, which we will also address.

Is looping permitted?

There are people redirecting to Linkvertise when they complete an Ad-Task.
This is “looping” – but is it permitted? The answer is: No, this isn’t allowed.

Successful – but where is the money?

It says the payment is successful, but it’s not shown in your bank account.
Why is that? There is a very simple explanation:

Sometimes there might be a delay of around 24h between the dashboard and the actual visibility of the money in your PayPal Account, bank account, and so on.
It just needs a little time to be displayed.

Please wait for these 24 hours. If nothing is displayed after that, please contact us, and we will check where the problem is.

Can you lift the ban on my account?

We have a zero tolerance policy against fraud. It must have a particular reason if you got banned from us. Please consider, that we also lose money when banning someone, as the recurring revenue would be a lot higher than just holding a one time payment.
If the case arises, we will be happy to explain to you why we banned your account in the end.

But it won’t even happen if you stick to our guidelines!

Is there an issue with the dashboard and the graph?

One issue that once reached us was:
An alleged problem with the dashboard. Today’s income (in the graph) and balance would not be the same. One day, he or she earned 4.3 Euros but on balance, he or she got only around a 3.4 Euros increase. So the question was: What happened to the remaining 0.8 Euros?

First of all: There’s nothing wrong with that.
The graph shows the expected income for the day – so it may vary a bit.
This is not an issue with the dashboard.

How much time does it take to confirm my documents?

This may take a few days. We will let you know when it is confirmed.
Here we ask for a little patience as well.

What is the red eye for?

Sometimes you will see a red eye.
The eye stands for content in the search engine, if you are not listed or your content was rejected, the eye is red.

Feel free to let us know
if you want more of this kind of video.

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