Linkvertise Program Policies

In this article, we’d like to talk about our program policies to make sure that your account is safe and sound. To guarantee a well executed cooperation between our platform and you as a user, we have to address this as well.

What are Guidelines?

For a successful cooperation, it’s imperative to become familiar with our guidelines as well as following them.

One might ask what program policies or guidelines are there for?
And there is a simple explanation for that:

We as a public company as well as our advertiser and other stakeholders have to comply with certain public rules. The same counts for the Publishers on our page.

To guarantee a pleasant and safe experience where all participants have a good experience, we’ve created these policies. You can find these in your main dashboard site once we scroll down all the way. 

Guidelines for linked Websites vs. Guidelines for Traffic Sources

In general, we separate our guidelines into two categories:

The guidelines for linked Websites and the guidelines for traffic sources.

Guidelines for linked Websites:
First, we illuminate the website related guidelines.
It is not allowed to link to:

  • NSFW or other related content
  • violence-glorifying content, hate, harassment, bullying, or obscenity
  • content related to illegal drugs

Additionally, you are not allowed to link “loop” or link “chain”, which is the continuous use of the service for the same basic link.
You also shouldn’t monetize the via Linkvertise an already monetized Deeplink through a third party service or make the link publicly visible.

Last but not least the prohibition of the distribution of copyright content without the consent of the actual owner, the linking to misleading or deceptive content and the linking to Mal- and Adware.

Guidelines for Traffic Sources:
The guideline for traffic sources include all the policies for the illegal use of software, hacks, and tools that fake clicks.

Including methods to untruthfully increase the number of visitors.

It is also not allowed to get traffic from sources of third-party services for generating clicks, Bots, Pay-to-Click, Pay-to-Surf, Autosurf and Click-Exchange programs.


The obvious question is now:
What happens if you violate one or multiple of these guidelines?

This first and foremost depends on which guideline you mistreated and how often you did it. Some guidelines, especially the ones regarding the first polices we explained, can lead to the reclassification and the disabling of several ad-steps, which in return means that you get less revenue.

Some of the more severe violations like the distribution of Mal- and Adware definitely lead to a permanent ban of your Linkvertise Account.

Bonus Tip 

Just a quick tip for you:

Follow these guidelines, and you will most certainly not get reclassified nor banned. Also, then there is nothing in the way to get you a great, high revenue.

If you need further tips, check out our YouTube videos
or write to us via our Social Media channels
if you have any other questions.


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