How to optimize your income with YouTube

You already created your links, but you have a problem: No people click on your links, or you just do not know where to share the links? Have you tried YouTube videos?
We have got a little guidance on how to really earn money with a Link-Shortener and make people come to you and your YouTube channel, which we’ll show you in this article.

Reasons to fail

Before going into the details of YouTube, we first want to make you all understand why a lot of people tend to fail when it comes to earning money.

The biggest reason is that people distribute their links on the wrong places.
For example, they put the links into the comments of another YouTuber video.
It will be deleted very fast, and you might be blocked or banned.

The same is counting for Facebook groups, forums, or similar.

Be the point of interest

The goal is to become the point of interest. You should use search-engine-optimization to make people come to you. It means that you are actually getting traffic and people to you, instead of you chasing the people.

Be creative when it comes to find and use your target audience. Also, find out which additional group your content would add value to!

Content, people really want to have

The key is to link to content people actually really want to have.
Let’s move into YouTube more deeply now:

A good example is: If you create something, distribute your finished product through a Linkvertise Link in your YouTube Video description and not make the people pay to get it.

They will be highly interested in getting the download for the file because then they don’t need to research themselves, and you will gain money through the click on your Link.

It’s a win-win-situation, and we all like that.
So, find some content you are interested in and like to make for your target group.

How to rank on YouTube

If you’re from the YouTube area, you’re probably wondering how to optimize your videos to rank on YouTube.

So, it’s about the question of how to gain views on your videos without any subscriptions.
Even that is quite simple if you’re sticking to a quite small niche and not trying to create content with a lot of people interested in.

  • So first of all:
    Optimize your Video Title. Put your main keyword first to appear in the YouTube search. After that, you can complete the title with some good words you consider for that title. Also, might help some emojis or special characters.
  • After that:
    Optimize your Video Description. It’s a good thing to make the YouTube algorithm count and to know what your video is about. Put again your main keywords in the very first sentence and continue to explain a bit what the video is about by not telling the whole content. This part should have about 250 to 300 characters.
  • Now:
    Optimize your Thumbnail. It should be different from other thumbnails for your search term, so be different from your competitors. Try to have an individual design for your channel which is appealing.
  • Last but not least:
    Optimize your Keywords. It’s very important for the YouTube algorithm to actually know which keywords your video should rank for. Make sure you have 10-12 tags. First, overall keywords for your content and after that extensions to these main-keywords. For this part you should consider 5 to 7 words.

Watchtime !

Now, it’s essential that people watch your videos.

This is depending on your own entertainment rate and how good your content matches your audience interest and how they interact with you and your videos.

Make them to use the comment function and gain a lot of traction.
Your video will appear even higher in the search result now.

  • In conclusion:
    Make videos about 8-12 minutes with an interesting title and well-considered keywords, and make people write comments. Get in touch with them and answer them.

That’s all about how to do YouTube optimization for Linkvertise and creating
quite a good piece of content for making money.
Good Luck

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