Who are these four, anyway?

Many blogs don’t have a “This is us” page and no introduction.
We want to change that – because you should know who we actually are and what we do.

In this blog article we want to introduce you in a few words to our CEO & Founder, COO and Head Of’s of our departments. Maybe you will get to know the others sometime as well.

Marc: CEO & Founder

So, let’s begin with our Chief Executive Officer and Founder of LinkvertiseMarc.

With a strong interest in the content creator industry, he developed his hobby into a business model and founded Linkvertise in 2020. With an integrated B2B area, we create more and more business opportunities together for advertising and search partners. 

Creating a platform like that, which is constantly growing, is the key why he gets up every morning with new motivation and joy.

The process of developing new concepts and features together is one of his daily business. Presenting this to a million of users is an incredible feeling for him and all of us. 

The focus is taking the platform to the next level.

Moritz: COO

Let’s continue with Moritz – our Chief Operating Officer

His responsibilities include developing strategic plans and goals that are important for transferring to the various departments and overseeing operations. 

As COO, he is also responsible for managing the daily business and developing the operational strategy of our company. He provides the leadership necessary for the company’s growth and ensures that the company runs in a financially stable and operationally efficient manner.

Kyle: Head of Partner

For our Partner Department, Kyle is the responsible leader.

His duty to the workforce is to take special care of our search monetization department

His key duties consist of driving quality, performance, consistency, and competence in a sales and customer/consumer B2B environment related to the world of search.

Every case is a special case within his fun and friendly team. He takes a lot of time and care for each other in the Partner department. He and his team then forward this mentality towards our consumers with maximum enthusiasm.

To provide the best solution alongside reactive support is his key focus on the route to a complete and successful platform.

Max: Head of Publisher

Max, as our Head Of Publisher, is responsible for the establishment of platform growth towards our brighter vision. 

His team and himself are working hard to encourage existing and potentially new publishers to share their content with our whole community through our search network. 

The second part of his work is mainly focused on the day-to-day platform management, which includes general customer-care and quality-management activities. 

He and his team thrive to be the most convenient content exploration network for visitors, the greatest monetization platform for you as our publishers and a valuable distributor for advertisers.

We hope you enjoyed our short insight into our departments
and responsible employees. 

But we’d love to hear from you:
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