Why Linkvertise is better than other Linkshorteners?

As you should know, we are not the only Link Shortener.
There are many alternatives on the market. But today we are going to show you why you should switch to Linkvertise today! This will have many benefits, which we will show you in this article.

The general problem

You already learn something about Monetization. You will come across countless websites that offer it.

The problem: 
Users are lured with high payout rates, which turn out to be very low in reality.
An example for this is the following:

Some websites advertise up to $20 per 1000 clicks. That may sound pretty good at first, but if you look a little closer, you soon realize that these $20 per 1000 clicks are for one country only.

And indeed: Swaziland!

However, this is a very small country in Africa, from which hardly any website operator or blogger gets visitors. Thus, the actual revenue for 1000 clicks falls very far down and equal the revenue for worldwide traffic.

Benefits of Linkvertise

So why is Linkvertise the better solution in the long term?

Unlike other Link shorteners, Linkvertise is always working to increase user revenue without showing rogue or misleading advertising.

We do not confuse users through several subpages and thus ensure that our forwarding is clearly arranged.

We deliver a performance-oriented RPM.
You can read more about this in another blog article of us.
Users with high-quality traffic receive above average revenue as usual.

Linkvertise offers various advertising settings that the user can choose or disable for themselves.

Additionally, we’re constantly improving the website, for an example, with a new Link Creation Process and our own paste service.

We’re informing our Publishers regularly here in our own blog, on YouTube or Twitter and much more!

Time to switch

If you currently use another Link shortener for your traffic, it’s time to switch.

Many users do not change the Link shortener for convenience!

However, users of other platforms miss out on a lot of money. Instead of getting $3.50 from other providers, you should now switch to Linkvertise and get up to 70 USD for your traffic.

Our performance based revenue model, which we’ve explained in great details in another article or on YouTube, takes care of this!

3 tips to start with Linkvertise

Last but not least, we will give you 3 tips on how to start with Linkvertise:

1. Go to publisher.linkvertise.com and register. The registration is free, and we’ll never ask you to pay for something.

If you’re asked for a subscription, you chose the wrong are and landed in the registration for the premium subscription.

Like we said, Linkvertise is free to use, and we won’t charge you money.
But, transaction fees for withdrawals may appear.

2. Next up, your withdrawals.

Before withdrawing, watch the corresponding YouTube video or check the blog article

Fill out your information in the payout tab with your real credentials.
Withdrawals to fantasy names and addresses won’t and can’t be made!

Try to change your info as less as possible.
You also may be asked to provide a paper of personal identification.
This is to protect your account, prevent fraud and insure the safety of your account.

3. At last, have fun with your account and earn money!

Try different settings, find and understand your audience as well as keep having fun for creating awesome content!

Start now – it’s never too late!

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