On which social media platforms we are represented?

This article is all about social media. On which platforms we are represented?
We want to enter into a dialog with you and create a closer connection.

How to choose the best channel?

A social media presence is an essential part of marketing for almost all companies nowadays. Therefore, also for us!

It is an excellent way to enter into a dialog with you and create a closer connection.

We deliberately don’t want to be presented on all social platforms – only on those where you are. So the target platforms for us are: LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


Our focus here is on the publisher department and you as content creators.

The exchange with you plays a big role for us on this channel, because we also like to get in touch with you via messenger to give you the best support as possible!

In our posts, we’ll ask you questions, give you updates on changes or plans we have, and share current trends. 

Feel free to write us!

Of course, you should also follow us to be always up-to-date and not miss anything. 

Every Tuesday and Friday, there will be new content for you: 


As a complementary platform, we want to help you with our videos to understand procedures and backgrounds. 

We have provided videos for you on many important and, above all, frequently requested topics, which are a perfect complement to our other channels.

If there are ambiguities, we constantly produce new stuff for you – adapt to your wishes and problems.

In short: Our YouTube channel has been created to assist our current and future partners towards effective traffic monetization. We commit to creating new informative content as a service to our user base.

Every Friday, a new video is online: 


Last but not least – LinkedIn.

In the world’s largest business network, we give you insights into our company with a focus on our partner department. 

You can view our company page as well as the profiles of our employees. Find out what each person’s focus and skills are that make Linkvertise what we are. 

We give you an insight into our professional experience, knowledge, and qualifications. 

You can network with us and get in touch if you are interested in becoming a partner of us.

So what we want to achieve with LinkedIn:

Working together to ensure the development, growth, and scale for all current and new Partners within the Linkvertise Partner portfolio.

To find our content faster, we use the hashtag #monetizeyourcontent take a look!

Every Wednesday there is a new post for and to you: 

What might also interest you

In our company blog, we have answers to your questions. 

We combine the interests of content creators, advertisers, and consumers.
Choose the right section for you on our blog and browse topics, similar to our YouTube channel.

We hope that you now have a better overview 
on which social media channels you can find us
and would be happy if you stop by.

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