What exactly is monetization?

In this article, we are talking about monetization in general. 
What is it actually and what are the possibilities?

The Background

There is an oversupply of similar content on the Internet, consumers’ willingness to pay is declining or no longer exists, but content creators still want to be remunerated monetarily.

Long story short: Publishers’ content will be converted into money.

The Solution

Monetization. A financial benefit derives from a product.

The product can be manifold: a Photoshop template, game extensions, a novel, etc.

Incidentally, products that can be purchased online are referred to as e-commerce.

A very widespread business model is based on monetization through advertising placed on one’s website. That’s exactly what Linkvertise is doing.

Through Linkvertise, the consumer does not pay money to access content, he performs an action that the publisher puts in front of the content as an advertising measure. The consumer then gets access to the content or product.

But where does the money come from?

Here, the actions were defined by advertisers, they pay money for the execution. The money is divided between Linkvertise and the publishers.

So, monetization is simply the “making of money” from products or services
— whether these are real or immaterial is of secondary importance.

What are the possibilities of monetization?

There are affiliate programs which Linkvertise offers:

Affiliate programs are partner programs on the Internet that are offered by merchants in order to promote their products or services through affiliates. The sales partner receives a commission based on various criteria such as the advertising period, per thousand ad impressions, clicks, contacts made or orders received.

Premium services also count towards monetization:
The provider offers a service to the customer, who returns a monetary equivalent to the provider.

The last area is image platforms:

Operators of image platforms hope for indirect sales from their Internet presence, through a particularly appealing web presence. Social media presences of companies can also be understood as image presences, since these also fulfil communication aspects.

But enough about the ways through which monetization takes place on the Internet.

Linkvertise is working with advertising.
You can take your created link and monetize it through our Ad-Settings.

But why exactly this measure?

Advertising is usually easy to integrate into any website or in front of content.
The classic is undoubtedly the simple advertising. The effort is small, the success is great. Adding the affiliate program is also an additional side income for most, but can also be the main source of income for others.

Which problems can be solved by Linkvertise?

The search engine as the most effective monetization solution

We, as the exclusive content search engine, create the best monetization solution for you to generate as much money as possible.

We use our global search network to bring you and your consumers together. 

In the past, it was very difficult to generate revenue without access to a large audience sharing your links.

With us, you will get more traffic by listing in our search-engine.

And what else?

We push your content. Even people who don’t have your links can find them!

So with Linkvertise you can short your links with little or no effort.
We help you to generate revenue.

Besides, we are the most trusted URL shortener that pays its users on time and hassle-free. We are a trusted network and always try to support you to keep your trust. Also, a good thing is that we don’t use popups or annoying layers that you don’t like.

Finally, we provide you with a complete performance reporting dashboard that allows you to easily check up your performance and results.

Benefits for you briefly
  • Highest RPM rates
  • Timely payments
  • User-friendly
  • Minimum payout threshold
  • Affiliate program to earn more
  • A team which supports you
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