What does “Blacklist” and “Whitelist” mean in the Full Script API?

If you own a website, you can monetize it perfectly with the Linkvertise Full Script API. This API is implemented on a website and automatically converts all external links into Linkvertise links.

The blacklist and whitelist allow certain domains to be included or excluded. Find out more in this article.

Important: If you use the blacklist feature it is unavoidable to put your own website on the blacklist as well. Otherwise you whole website menu will be monetized.

What is the “Blacklist”?

By default, all external links are monetized. But if you want to monetize all links except certain domains, the blacklist is used. There you enter all the domains that should NOT to be monetized.

For example, if you enter blacklist on “YouTube.com”, all links on your site that run on YouTube.com will not be monetized. All other external links will be monetized.

A classic example is image files that are located on a different domain. Of course, these should not be affected by monetization.

What is the “Whitelist”?

The whitelist is used to monetize ONLY certain domains. If you enter a domain there, only this domain is monetized and no other links from other domains.

For example, if you enter “YouTube.com” on the whitelist, only YouTube links to your website that run on YouTube.com will be monetized. All other external links are not.

A classic example are download portals, which for example only want to monetize links from Mediafire.com.

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