How to change Linkvertise publisher password?

Hey guys, in this article you will get to know how to reset or change your publisher password on Linkvertise. At the moment we do not provide an option automatically reset it in the dashboard. But don’t worry, its just for secruity and its still easy. 

How to change the Linkvertise password?

Actually it is very simple. Here we are going to explain the steps: 
  • Logout from your Linkvertise account first. Now you are logged-out from every device using Linkvertise
  • Now you should be on our starting page again, ready for login. You click on “forgot-password”
  • Please insert your account-email. We will send an email.
  • Follow the steps provided in the email and choose a secure password.

How to choose a good password?

You should use a really secure password. The best it is, to use a chryptical one. Keep it save! Also you can use tools to keep it stored securely. Generally you need to put a password with at least 6 characters. But we would advice you to use at least 10-12 characters. Also you should use small and big letters as well as special characters.  By the way: Google Chrome can suggest secure passwords easily and you can save them in your google account. But also store it somewhere else. 
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