Skip Linkvertise Ads with Linkvertise Premium

Do you use Linkvertise a lot and want to safe time and skip the advertisement tasks directly? You should consider buying Linkvertise Premium. There is also a lot of more exclusive features available for Linkvertise premium users. 

  • Visit every Linkvertise link directly without advertisement
  • See every link of your favourite creators within an overview
  • Follow your favourite creators for fast-accessing their links
  • Exclusive right to rate the links of every creator (soon)

As you see, there is a lot of cool stuff you can do with Linkvertise Premium. Maybe you are interested how to buy it and what the conditions are. Thats what we gonna answer now:

How to buy Linkvertise Premium?

At the moment there are two ways to buy premium. First of all you can buy it, when you visit a Linkvertise link and choose the button “Direct Access to …”. But another simple way is the following: 

  1. Visit Linkvertise Search page
  2. Click in the top right corner: “Use Linkvertise Premium”
  3. Follow the process and choose monthly or yearly payment
  4. Create an account (important: It’s not your publisher account, you need to create a new)
  5. Pay through credit card. On mobile phone you can pay though ApplePay or GooglePay 
  6. You get an email that your subscription is active and now you can login easily



Important: Soon we will integrate more payment options like Paysafe, Bitcoin and Sofort.

How to cancel Linkvertise Premium Membership?

If you goona stop using Linkvertise for longer time, it can be a good idea to cancel the subscription. You can cancel the subscription always for the next payment period. Either yearly or monthly. The cancellation is quite simple:

  1. Go into your Account-Settings. 
  2. Manage your subscription
  3. Follow the process

How to follow your favourite Creators?

Its very simple. When you are logged in into your premium account, you can start searching for content of your Creators within Linkvertise search. You can even search for a specific creator. Then just click on their name shown on the top right of each search-result. Now you have the profile-overview and you can see the button “follow”. 

How you can see the name of every creator followed by you on the left side of your premium search. You can always click here and you will be directed to their profile with all of their links visible. 

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