How do we calculate the Income for Premium-Clicks?

By now you probably know how we calculate our performance based revenue model. On the other hand there is still the question how we calculate the estimated revenue for premium users. This article will answer all your questions and will explain to you how we are calculating premium clicks. We divided the following article in three different sections for better understanding.

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The three steps of our calculation

The daily value of a premium user

The first part of our premium click calculation is the value of a premium user. The premium calculation isn’t as easy as it seems. We sum up the daily value depending on the amount of clicks a user does on that day. Our revenue distribution is based on that daily value.

Examples of the Premium-Click-Calculation:

This is how we calculate a click from premium user and there daily value. The big advantage is that the amount of money a creator gets through a premium user is depending on the activity of that member. We always strive to get you the best deal!

The share of the daily value between our creators

If you’ve understood the process of the daily valuation of the premium user, you’ll easily get the rest of the concept. Basically we divide the value through every creator whos links were clicked by the premium user today.
This is a actual illustrations of the split on how we are calculating premium clicks:

Premium earnings for content creators in the dashboard

Since we are constantly growing and changing, the graph in the dashboard has changed again. You will first see your estimated daily income. At midnight the actual amount (incl. the fixed share of your premium click values) will be calculated. Only the premium clicks are not fixed in the estimated revenue. You can read how we calculate impressions and clicks in these two articles.

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