How do we calculate the Income for Premium-Clicks?

Maybe you don’t understand what “estimated revenue” means, or how do we actually pay our creators when a person with a premium account clicks. This article will answer all the questions and explain everything in detail. We divided this article into three different parts. 

  • The daily value of a premium member
  • The basic premium calculation for creators
  • The daily estimated revenue stats 

What is the daily value of a premium user?

The first part of our premium click calculation is the value of a premium user. It’s not as easy as it seems in the first place. We sum up the daily value depending on the amount of clicks a user does on that day. Our money distribution is based on that daily value.

Some examples:

  • Today a premium user clicked a link. His daily value is equivalent to the amount of money given to the creators through him.
  • Yesterday a premium user didn’t click any link. Today he clicked some. His daily value for today is 2x the daily value of the first example.
  • This week a premium user didn’t click any link. Today he clicked some. His daily value for today is 7x the daily value of the first example.

Now you saw how we are calculating the daily value. The big advantage is that the amount of money a creator gets through a premium user is depending on the activity of that member. We always share the maximum possible.

How do we share the daily value between our Creators?

Actually the sharing is quite simple after you understood the concept of the daily value. Bacially we divide the value through every creator whos links were clicked by the premium user today. Here we have some illustrations:

How do we display the premium earnings in the creator dashboard?

We changed the graph shown in the dasboard a little bit. For the current day you only see the estimated revenue, which you will probably earn for the current day. On midnight the real amount (including the final calculation and share of the premium money) will be calculated. Only the premium clicks aren’t fix in the estimated revenue. The normal impressions and clicks are counted like before. 

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