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We want to give you even more insight into our work and tell you what everyday life at Linkvertise is like. We tell you how we get through the workday in a balanced and good mood. Maybe it sounds interesting for you? Feel free to write us on our Social Media Platforms or at: [email protected] 🧡

The day begins

Our boss relies on flextime as an attractive working time model. This is because flextime promotes flexibility and expands the scope of employers and employees alike.
This allows us to schedule our workday individually. Everyone can work in the period where he can work most effectively. It also results in higher employee motivation and closer employee loyalty. Little by little, everyone arrives and starts working on their daily stuff.

Daily meeting

It’s half past eleven – time for our daily briefing. This is a basic component of our team and one of the basic component for the success of our projects.
There is a fixed time, and it’s important for us that the meeting is conducted as tightly as possible and no one feels like they are wasting their time.
Our team always has an overview of pending tasks and prioritizes or can identify sensible processing sequences. It’s important to us that everyone is informed about current progress and news.


Through complementary expertise of our employees, we work through all our set priorities and goals. Our boss holds conversations with those where agreements are needed and to reach our tasks even more effectively.
The constant consultations create a sense of togetherness, but don’t prevent us from working independently. Everyone has the freedom to make certain decisions themselves and to bear responsibility — because everyone is treated equally here!
If there are problems that need to be fixed or clarified on the weekend, everyone is available then as well — also to offer YOU daily support.

The atmosphere

The given conditions give us as employees the feeling that we are doing work that is fun and meaningful. Also, through the friendly interaction with each other, you get the feeling of being an important part of a big whole.

Personal and professional development is also possible for everyone and is encouraged. Good performance is explicitly recognized and praised. All this leads to a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone gives 100% for the team every day.
Acceptance, friendly interaction, respect, and trust are what make up a functioning team for us.

So if the team repeatedly experiences among themselves that all team members consider the same team goals more important than the individual goals, you create a good team feeling. Our boss supports this and is proud of what lies ahead and what is yet to come in the future.

Aside the work, but still important

To bring the team even closer together and to have fun and celebrate successes outside of work, we regularly have team evenings or outings such as going out to eat together. The company trips bring variety into our daily work routine. It is also an opportunity to get to know colleagues better and improves team spirit. We also plan this together.

All the necessary conditions for motivated work are given and make us as a team – as if it were the second family – beside the everyday life.


We are looking for new people who also show this
and want to be part of our team.
Write us – it’s not too late! ✍🏼 

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