When will impressions be counted?

When it comes to tracking traffic, there’s one important metric that is not to neglect – the impressions. But what is an Impression and how it is different from a click? Additionally this article will explain the necessity of the reCaptcha. All those questions will be answered in the next two minutes.

Which factors influence the counting of an impression?

For us at Linkvertise the counting of impressions are an important metric to track traffic quality. It enables the publisher to have much further insight in statistics than usual Monetization Networks offer. It allows us to get further insight into the legitimacy of links and users.

But before we can answer the question what an impression is, you have to understand what your audience has to do, before the impression can be counted as such. Means, that an in impression will only be counted, if the user has successfully solved the reCaptcha. 

This Google reCaptcha has to be solved on a white blank page after clicking on your link. Most reCaptcha’s can be solved by just selecting the box “I am not a robot”. Sometimes though, you got to choose three look-a-like pictures. 

When is an impression actually counted?

The following criteria  has to apply for an impression to be counted

Linkvertise uses a detection software to protect itself against dubious traffic. Users with a VPN or proxy connection are not counted as an impression.

Impressions from links appear in the “Your links” table. When evaluating your stats, please make sure that the correct time period is selected. For example, if you choose
Last 30 Days“, only the impressions for the last 30 days will be displayed.

Unlike many providers in the Link Shortener Business, we rely on absolute transparency in dealing with these statistics. This includes the impressions.

Benefits of this system

If you ask yourself, why you have more clicks on your target URL or from your traffic source to your Linkvertise Link, than shown on Linkvertise and what advantages this has for you then keep reading.

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