How to start using Linkvertise? [Overview]

Did ou just sign-up for Linkvertise and you would like to know how to continue? You are definately right in this article. We will explain, how to create your first link and which other settings you can define. Additionally we will consider, how you can easily get it touch with our team for further support.

The Linkvertise Dashboard

First of all: The stats show in the dashboard are for a specific time range. Default its 7 days. But you can change it easily. Now let us start right at the top with explaining what the different stats actually mean.


  • Impressions: An impression is the actual visit of the linkvertise page and also includes solving the Google Captcha. For verified users, every visit of the linkvertise page is counted.
  • Clicks: A click is counted, if a person continues to the target URL. This is possible, after he completed all active advertisement offers.
  • Links: This is the number of all created links within this time-period. 
  • Balance: Here we display your total income.

The graph underneath shows your RPM, your daily income, your clicks and impressions. The RPM is your average income per 1000 clicks. If you only have a few daily clicks, it is very likely quite unstable. Scrolling down the dashboard, you can see all your created links with details for each link. On the bottom of the page you can see our guidelines. We recommend to read them. 


Let us continue with creating your first link. Actually it is quite easy. 

1. Create link

In the dashboard you need to click on the „create link“ button. After that you can insert the link-URL. If you want to link a download, it has to be a direct download-link. For example:, GDrive, dropbox, anonfile, pastebin or mediafire. 

2. Choose filename

If you chose a download link, we automatically recognize it. That means, you can choose a filename. You should choose a proper one. It will be displayed for your users on the download button. 

Otherwise, we just invite you to set a good button title. This button will be clicked by the users, if they want to continue to the target url. 

3. Choose icon

Optionally you can choose your own icon for the installer, when you put in a download link (but you don’t have to activate it). It needs to be a PNG, JPEG, JPG with less than 3mb.

After choosing an icon, you can also set a linkvertise link. Also choose a good name for it. If you have not inserted a download link, this step is done right away. 

4. SEO description

Optionally you can choose a SEO description. Especially with linkvertise premium this is an advantage. You will be much more visible in linkvertise search, so a lot of more clicks will be generated, which earns you more money. 

5. Activate the Installer

Now just activate the advertisement settings you like to. 


Full Script API

This section is specifically for website owners. We have a scrict, that will convert every outgoing link of the page into linkvertise links. You can see a detailed tutorial on youtube.


Here you can request a payout. Most important is, that you provide your correct data. Otherwise it might result in an ID check, which will delay your payout. In the worst case, the payout will be cancelled and will pay 5$ of cancellation fee. Further details you can see in this video. 

Affiliate Program

You’d like to earn money with making people come to linkvertise? Thats easy with our affiliate program. You will share your custom signup link and if people register through that, you will start gaining 5% of their total revenue. Of course he won’t lose money from that. 

Support Chat

Here you can ask question. Please note the “current questions” section on top of the chat. Here we display the most frequent questions during the past week. Usually the support answers once every 24 hours within the week. On weekends there is no support inside the support chat. 


Here you can change your displayname. But your Linkvertise Login name and ID remain the same. If you need to pay VAT, you have to put it here as well. Also you can change your currency within the dashboard. But the payout currency remains USD.

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