How to write a brilliant SEO-Description for your content?

Recently Linkvertise started to roll out a new update on the SEO-Description Guidelines. We aim to improve the quality of our Search-Results. Through that we want to increase the usability for all consumers and go a further step into becoming the initial access place to discover and search exclusive content.

Becoming that, Publishers can build an audience through our search and gain a traffic increase. It directly results in higher earnings! 

Important: We implemented specific guidelines, which you need to follow for your SEO-Descriptions. The guidelines are elaborated in this article. 

How do you see if your Link is indexed in Linkvertise Search?

In general Linkvertise distinguishes between three states for your SEO-Descriptions. 

  1. You didn’t provide any SEO-Descriptions. (gray)
  2. You entered a SEO-Description and it is indexed in the search results. (orange)
  3. You wrote a SEO-Description, which is non compliant with our guidelines. It is removed from our search-results. (red)

The following screenshot shows the grayed/orange/red eye in your link details. If some of your links appear in read, they won’t be indexed in our search engine. They are still reachable for your referral community, the actual link remains active!

Our most recent Guidelines for SEO-Descriptions

Guidelines for Title and Description

Guidelines for target content

Guidelines for videos and thumbnail images

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