New Link Creation Process

This article is all about the brand new Link Creation Process. You’ll learn how to work it.
It’s divided into three easy steps and makes it even easier and more time-saving for you.

The Process

The new process is divided into three easy steps. We’ll guide you to every part of it:

The Design

On every page you’ll find useful tips on the section you are editing.
The first window allows you not only to paste in your link but also makes third party paste services redundant since we’ve now incorporated a paste service for all your codes, scripts and other snippets.

Guideline violating links as well as links with a no reasonable target will now automatically be dedicated and declined by the process. 

SEO and Search section

After inserting our Mod that we uploaded to MediaFire, we’re in the SEO and Search section of the link creation process.
If you don’t want to add your content to search, you can click the green button. But we wouldn’t recommend this.

FAQ section

If you don’t want to write three different FAQs, just drag the default FAQs in the box. For creating FAQs, click the plus symbol on the right-hand side and write a question. Once you’ve finished this step, the FAQ appears in one of the boxes. Just as before, drag it into the box.

Finally, add a thumbnail and, if you got one, your YouTube video. 


The final step is the enabling of your Ad-Task. If you are listing in search, another Ad will automatically be added to your Link which is the Banner Ads which are placed around your content which will give you another income source.
In the new design, you see where and how Ad-Tasks are displayed.

Once you’ve chosen your Ad-Tasks, you’re all set and done and can share your link freely now.

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