Linkvertise links are YouTube policies compliant

Are Linkvertise links allowed on YouTube?

New users on often ask themselves this question if they want to use our service on YouTube. Our answer to this question is a clear


Policy compliance confirmed: After reviewing our service with the YouTube Guidelines, it is allowed to use Linkvertise links on YouTube.

The Linkvertise Link Shortener is one of the only providers that complies with the YouTube guidelines. Here are some reasons which YouTube requires for external links:

The user guide:

The Linkvertise intermediate page is clear and understandable. The user sees at first glance what awaits him and what is the target. This is ensured, for example, by the individual button labeling. With Linkvertise you can design the button text itself, so that you give the user an even better idea of where this website takes him. For example, with “Continue to download” or “Continue to my Twitter profile” we guarantee a good user experience. Linkvertise is not misleading like many other link shorteners or confuses users with hidden buttons, new tabs or iframes.

The content:

Linkvertise has a special website filter that makes it possible to not link any dubious websites.

The advertising:

The Linkvertise intermediate page has simple, easy-to-use, and recognizable advertising that complies with the YouTube Advertising Policies. No PopUps or Layer ads will be played that would affect YouTube’s compliance.


Which YouTube policies affect our service?

These guidelines show that complies with the policy. Our service can easily be inplemented into YouTube videos or the video description. Already thousands of creators trust us to monetize their links. Now you too can use Linkvertise as a creator to monetize your links.Go back to


The real risk of strikes on YouTube videos related to links

If a YouTube video or a channel is blocked with Linkvertise links, the service is not the cause but the content of the creator.

Most reasons why a user who uses our links are restricted are:

  • Video Spam
  • Dangerous or unacceptable content
  • Pure poaching of users for website visits
  • Copyright infringement

If you have any further questions regarding Linkvertise or our service, please write us an E-Mail to [email protected] or contact us on Twitter.

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