New Ad-Task: Related Ad Topics

Linkvertise offers multiple monetization possibilities for Publishers. Now we’ll cover the advertisement task “Related Ad Topics”. This Ad-Task has replaced the “Browser Notifications”. Before, the visitor had to allow Linkvertise to send advertisement-based push-notifications to unlock the access to a specific target content.

This article shows the changes with the new Ad-Task. Also, we’ll go step by step through the process of how Related Ad Topics will be activated and what the benefits are.

Using Related Ad Topics for your content

The different advertising settings on Linkvertise allow our publishers to individually decide which type of advertising should be allowed and which not.

Basically, all advertising settings at Linkvertise are user friendly and reputable. However, we can understand if you want to inform yourself about each setting in depth. For this reason, we offer articles that explain each advertising setting. This is one of them and in the following section, you will receive a definition of the advertising setting Related Ap Topics

What does the User need to do on the Linkvertise intermediate page?

If the Related Topics advertising step is enabled, some users will have to view a pop-up with a selection of sponsored links. You will not be prompted for anything, and you can close the window in the upper right corner.

Finally, you’re ready to enjoy your content for free!

1. Click Access

2. Execute Step

3. Discover Related Topics

4. Enjoy Content

How to enable this setting as a Publisher?

Enabling this feature as a Publisher is as easy as it gets for your audience. 

First, you have to log into your dashboard and create a new link. You’ll have to follow all the steps, you’d usually do, to create a link. The last window before the publishing of your link shows all Ad Tasks you can add to your content. Just activate Related Ad Topics on the left under Ad Steps. In the middle you can see a preview of it. Now you’re ready to publish your Link with the Related Ad Topics.

1. Log In

2. Create Link

3. Ad-Tasks

4. Publish & Earn Revenue

Pro Tip: We recommend that you always activate this Ad-Task since it’s easy to use and super user-friendly. It also works on almost every browser and device.

What are the advantages and how much can you make with it?

As with all advertising opportunities at Linkvertise the origin of the traffic is crucial. Activation of the Related Ad Topics from U.S. traffic is typically paid better than activating it from Tier 3 Geos such as, Democratic republic of Congo, or perhaps Sri Lanka for example. 

However, since the Browser Notifications were so annoying for you, we have this solution for you that will bring you the following benefits:

Turn on your Related Ad Topics today!

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