The Linkvertise Installer – Up to 3x higher RPM [Tutorial]

Do you want to make 3x as much money as you are making currently with linkvertise? Then just take some minutes and read this short article about the Linkvertise Installer.

Was ist der Linkvertise Installer?

Shortly speaking: The Linkvertise installer is another advertisement option for download-links on Linkvertise, helping you to earn more money. It is optional to choose. 

We are downloading the file in the background and put it in our installer. The customer will download the installer and execute it. 

He will get one or more offers for additional software, which he can accept or decline. After that, he can download the file and open it.

This is how it looks for the user:

By the way: The downloaded file will be scanned for viruses. So you can be always sure, your download is virus-free. 

How to activate the Linkvertise Installer?


1. Create Link

In the dashboard you need to click on the „create link“ button. After that you can insert the link-URL. It has to be a direct download-link. For example:, GDrive, dropbox, anonfile, pastebin or mediafire. 

2. Choose filename

Automatically, we will see, that it is a download-link. That means, you can choose a filename. You should choose a proper one. It will be displayed for your users on the download button.

3. Choose icon

Optionally you can choose your own icon for the installer. It needs to be a PNG, JPEG, JPG with less than 3mb.

After choosing an icon, you can also set a linkvertise link. Also choose a good name for it.

4. SEO description

Optionally you can choose a SEO description. Especially with linkvertise premium this is an advantage. You will be much more visible in linkvertise search, so a lot of more clicks will be generated, which earns you more money. 

5. Activate the Installer

Now just activate the Installer settings in the advertisement settings. 

Hint: When you want to activate the installer for already existing links, you can just update the link and in the end of the process you can activate or deactivate the installer.

What are the advantages of the Linkvertise Installer?

  • Up to 3x higher RPM is possible (Average of our users)
  • 40-50$ RPM on Windows/Desktop traffic of specific origin
  • The installer is user-friendly. Before putting the download into the installer, we check for viruses
  • direct download without redirecting to another download page
  • additional software ist always optional
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