What does the ad setting mean: “Some users need to install a browser extension”

“Some users need to install a browser extension”

The different advertising settings on Linkvertise allow our publishers to individually decide which type of advertising should be allowed and which not.

Basically, all advertising settings at Linkvertise are user friendly and reputable. However, we can understand if you want to inform yourself about each setting a little more intense. For this reason, we offer articles that explain each advertising setting. In the following section, you will receive a definition of advertising settings: Browser extension

What does the user need to do on the Linkvertise intermediate page?

If you allow advertising of browser extensions, users who click on your links must add a browser extension before they are redirected to the target-page. This process typically takes 1-10 seconds until the user clicks “Add Extension”.

What is the revenue for this ad-setting?

As with all advertising opportunities at Linkvertise the origin of the traffic is crucial. Browser extension installs from a U.S. user is typically paid more than Browser extension installs from an Indian user. On average, one can say that the compensation per thousand is the following:

  • RPM for Browser extension: 3,00 – 15,00 €
  • RPMI for Browser extension: 10,00 – 70,00 €

Although you will receive several cents per installation, as some users access Linkvertise links through mobile devices, these users will not see the advertising of browser extensions. Therefore, we distinguish between RPM (Revenue Per Mille) and RPMI (Revenue Per Mile Installs).

What is the revenue for this ad-setting?

If the user adds the Lookbox extension, they will get a “New Tab” view as a new homepage.


Our browser extension is available for Chrome and Firefox and is reputable and virus free. With just a few clicks, you can always remove this extension from your browser, if you want to. This form of advertising can generate the most revenue.

If you have further questions about this article, feel free to write us a message in the “Support” section of Linkvertise. We will process them as soon as possible.

If you also want to inform yourself about the other advertising settings (notification ad, video ad, waiting time) at Linkvertise, seperate articles are available. To read this, select in the “Support” area> Link Creation and click on the desired article.

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