“Some users need to download an app from the AppStore”?

One of our mobile ad-settings is the download of an app from the AppStore. The different advertising settings on Linkvertise allow our publishers to individually decide which advertising the want to use.

In general, all advertising settings at Linkvertise are user friendly and reputable. Of course we can understand, that you want to inform yourself before using it. For this reason, we offer articles that explain each advertising setting. In the following section, you will receive a definition of the advertising setting App-Download.

A feather in one’s app

How does the user download the app?

In general, this feature is explained quite fast. A user will see the task “download an App”. So basically, he needs to download one of the shown Apps from the AppStore (iOS or Google Play). After the Download is completed, he needs to execute the app for 30 seconds, otherwise, the task won’t be completed. 

User-friendliness is still important to us. That’s why we only offer this option with 30 seconds execution time. Also you do not need to do some further steps within the App. It’s enough to launch the app

Important: A specific user can only see the ad-task download only once a day and will not see it multiple times, even if he opens your links several times. This is a safety message to ensure good user-experience. 

What is the revenue for this ad-setting?

As with all advertising opportunities at Linkvertise the origin of the traffic is crucial. Traffic from a Top-Tier country like the U.S. is typically paid higher than from an Low-Tier countries. On average, one can say that the compensation per thousand clicks is the following:

Important: This feature is exclusively for mobile users. On desktop we are not displaying this ad-setting. But for android and iOS smartphones, as well as tablets it is working. 

Hopefully you’ve found all the info you need about the app download. Otherwise the Support-Chat is always there for you.

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