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In addition to being able to earn money by sharing links on our platform, we also offer a profitable affiliate program for all Linkvertise users. This allows users to make very passive money from recruited users.

You want to know what the best strategies are to get as much income as possible through our affiliate program? Then we recommend that you read the following article and learn what is possible with:

The Affiliate Program in 4 minutes

How does our Linkvertise Affiliate Program work?

Our affiliate program works really easy. First, create a Linkvertise account or log in to an existing account.

Then navigate in the sidebar (left) to the field “Affiliate Program”. There you will find the personal affiliate link, the referred users and the resulting affiliate revenue. Furthermore you will find suitable advertising material for your own website or other platforms in this area.

Now the question arises: How exactly does the affiliate program of Linkvertise work? The most important is the personal affiliate link. This link will allow new users to be promoted to Linkvertise. For example, if you share this link in the video description of a YouTube video and a viewer clicks on it, it will be redirected to the Linkvertise homepage and a lifetime cookie will be set. That means, the user does not have to directly in register with Linkvertise to count as recruited users, but can come back later to the site and is still counted even days, weeks or months. He did not have to come through our link to our website, because the cookie was previously set. So you get many recruited users even with a few clicks. Awesome isn’t it?

You currently receive 5% Lifetime commission on users’ earnings. What does that mean? If you, for example, recruits a user who earns 100 € Linkvertise links, you will automatically receive 5 € commission on it. You think that’s not much? The word “Lifetime” makes it interesting, because no matter how much the recruited user earns, no matter how long that user generates revenue through Linkvertise Links, you will always receive your commission.

A real example:
For example, suppose you recruit 5 people who each earn € 300 through Linkvertise links. Then you will receive a permanent € 150 commission and every month new.

The revenue opportunities

The revenue of our affiliate program depends on two factors:

What do we mean with that? The amount of traffic describes the amount of visitors who reach via your affiliate link. The type of traffic describes the quality of visitors who reach Linkvertise via your affiliate link.

Are visitors just looking for a profitable alternative to or have they just been redirected to Linkvertise via a popup? Is it mainly users from Asia or users from Europe and the USA?

All these questions determine the revenue through the Linkvertise Partner Program. For example, if users are looking for an alternative and you’re posting the Linkvertise website in a YouTube video, many high-quality traffic will be generated through your affiliate link. Even if you target mainly users from Europe or the US, the chance of high affiliate revenue increases. Your own earnings thus result from the income generated by your recruited users via Linkvertise Links.

But let’s be specific: If you create a YouTube video about Linkvertise and advertise your personal affiliate links users, what can you earn? In general, after a video clip by Linkvertise you earn about € 50 a month. Of course, that depends heavily on how viral such a video is. It can also bring a little less, but also a lot more fixed income per month. The best way is to test our affiliate program and look at how the revenue develops. It’s really quick to produce a short video about The revenues, on the other hand, can be very high and are permanent.

How to get affiliates easily? 

Are you a Youtuber? Just make a review or payment proof video about Linkvertise

For sure it is a very good way to gain affiliates. But we realized, that sometimes these affiliates do not generate the expected income at all. A lot of them do not know how to start earning or how Linkvertise will work. 

But we have a little tipp for you guys. Just explain the basic way, Linkvertise works and how people can earn with Linkvertise. Maybe you can do a tutorial. 

Do you have a blog? Write an article about Linkvertise

Just write an article about your experiences with Linkvertise also you are always allowed to rate our service. On the bottom of the article you can put a button with your affiliate link for signing up. Also here it is important to mention the way, people can earn from us.  Here is an example for a good Linkvertise review

Recommend Linkvertise to your friends and other creators

Personal recommendations are always the best. More and more often we hear, that people came to use Linkvertise, because a friend suggested it to them. Unfortunately very often the friends do not share the affiliate link to each other. But you guys should. If it has a value for both of you guys, you can be both lucky. Just ask your friend to sign up using your link. remember: He won’t lose anything. 

Why you should start directly with the advertising of partners

Advertising new users through their personal link is one of the ways to generate completely passive income. Start now and use your link to promote new users for Linkvertise.

To start now, here are all the advantages of our affiliate program:

You want to try our affiliate program? Then start now! Use our advertising material and benefit from the success of the platform Linkvertise!

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